Imagine A Different Social Computing World

Dear visitor to”. This is the website for the novel A Chip On Her Shoulder.

You’ll find a new way of thinking about social media. a radical hypothesis confronts surveillance capitalism. Female computer scientists share their 50 years of career experiences. Inter-generational conversations reveal how history influenced computing and vice versa. a disability warrior promotes web accessibility. Lively simulated podcasts review Internet culture. The protagonist pursues her vision for Consequential Communities, then the pandemic hits.

What happened? It’s now 2019. The Internet world was shaken in 2017 when the CumuLinker Trust freed its troves of private data and introduced conversations through artistic wearables. Readers witness CumuLinker demonstrate a calmer world through innovations from early Internet thinkers like threat-caster Casey Hawke. Let this hypothesis play with your mind.

Experience the characters and alternative world through these samples:

  1. A “fictitious forward” about “Women Living History”
    previews the CumuLinker changes encountered by the protagonist and companion spanning three generations. The introducer hails the career influences of historical eras before and after the 1995 Dawn of Web Time.
  2. Section References
    lead into historical an technological backgrounds for the Novel’s inter-generational discussions.
  3. “Story”How Time Flies”
    illustrates CumuLinker intervening in protagonist Casey’s personal life. excerpted from chapter 3.1 “Another Chance”, shows CumuLinker in action.
  4. free search tool
    explains the “Controversy Discovery Engine” form that searches deeper and darker. This is a free experimental legacy from the protagonists.
  5. Exercises
    explore the novel’s ideas about CumuLinker, computing, social media, history, and the characters. Susan L. Gerhart, Ph.D., Computer Science
    Contact for protected section passwords, Comments, reviews, and publishing opportunities. Enjoy!!
    About SLGer: I’m a retired computer scientist living in Prescott AZ, taking lifelong learning classes, out and about with my guide dog. My other projects are “Catch The Vision” assistance and YCOLLIAsks, Yavapai College lifelong learning coursework. A bio is Wikipedia “Susan Gerhart”.

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