Xtra DeepSearch Tool

Using the Controversy Search Engine downloaded from “A Chip On Her Shoulder”

Copy this link from DropBox and save the file on your desktop or wherever you can remember it.


Then click and open it in a browser. It’s safe HTML.

Brief instructions:

Enter a term to search like you usually do, then select additional terms from one or both of the list boxes. Relevant words will be added to your original search term and sent to Google. You should get “deeper and darker” results because the added words relate to details that often surface controversies, rather than ads.

Questions to slger123@gmail.com. Search and you’ll find more to learn and enjoy.

Caveats: tested with Windows 10/11 and Mozilla FireFox and Dropbox. Any of these systems may change at any time, alas. Last Test Date around September 8 2022.