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This website “A Chip On Her Shoulder”, AChipOnHerShoulder.comoffers a preview of a novel in progress. Copyright 2018 Susan L. Gerhart. Contact Comments and inquiries are welcome.

The first five chapters, posted February 6 2018 introduce two characters, Cassandra Hawk and Sally Rhodes, both retired computer scientists. Cassandra (Casey) gets wrapped up in new social media technology from a reorganized behemoth CumuLinker that owns everyone’s accumulated personal information. CumuLinker is now entering the face-to-face social media market with a wearable Whisperer device and an event entertainment, ‘Life Replayed’. Things go wrong.

Casey is exposed to an imminent form of terrorism and then a real outage of her home town’s communication.

Casey adapts to Sally’s world of living with vision loss. They make plans to counter forces that threaten the World Wide Web. Their decades of networking experience help explain the chaos brought on by the emergence of The Great Trickster.

This section ends with a spoof on the Internet of Things that Casey wrote for her lifelong learning fiction class.

  1. Living Data Life-replaying software at Casey’s college reunion causes chaos.
  2. Seeing Things Differently Friend Sally’s low vision helps Casey understand a WWW vulnerability.
  3. Risky Speaking At home in DellVille AZ, Casey helps local police plan for technology-based terrorism attacks.
  4. Internet Down! Casey learns first hand how DellVille responds to communication outage.
  5. Wearables Take A Hike Casey spoofs networked wearable gadgets in a lifelong learning writing exercise.