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Speculative Fiction Novel, in progress, “A Chip On Her Shoulder”

A Chip On Her shoulder” is a”teaching novel”. Readers will travel through a summer of technology adjustment to changing social conventions. Multi-generational characters use computing history from before, during, and after the “Dawn of the Web”as they play with a wearable communicator that repairs conversation patterns disrupted by a “Great Trickster”. Get ready for preventable failures, social media makeovers, web site mayhem, and an inter-generational cast of characters: threat caster Casey; low vision activist Sally; job-seeking mom Marilyn; simulator student Bob; Canadian environmentalist Gavin; little syster Brittany; and cyber cop Gordon plus entrepreneur millennial Matt

Copyright 2018 Susan L. Gerhart

Section 1: Living Data

Section 2: Threats Get Real

Section 3: Another Chance

Section 4: Nuclear Shadows

Section 5: Complex Consequences

Future Sections and Chapters with notes

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