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  • Synopsis: A Chip On Her Shoulder

    “A Chip On Her Shoulder”by Susan L. Gerhart < P>This speculative autobiographical novel traces life changes in 2019 for Casey Hawk, a semi-retired computer scientist embedded in a lifelong learning community in Dellville Arizona. The spirit of the Dawn of Web Time” was booming again after the 2017 CumuLinker Trust separated advertising from personal “living […]

  • Dear Readers 2022

    March, 2022 Dear Reader/Reviewer: “A Chip On Her Shoulder” offers an opportunity to learn history from an assembled cast of multi-generational computing-oriented characters engaging in conversational and planned action in a fictional year 2019. I hope you enjoy my history, my disability, my reflections, my risks, and my satire. Please pass on your impressions and […]