Social Media Resistance

Here are questions that influenced the novel “A Chip On Her Shoulder”.

Questions About Social Media


  • who owns the future? (Jaron Lanier)
  • Does The Transparent Society make you nervous? (David Brin)
  • “do we live in a dragnet nation? (Julia Angwin)
  • “Are we entombed in virtual unreality?(Charles Seife)
  • Has constant connection led to The End of Absence? (Michael Harris)
  • Is there a field guide to living with data? (“Sarah Watson)
  • Do we need to delete our digital memories? (Viktor Mayer-Schoenberg)
  • How do we protect ourselves against Future Crimes? (Mark Goodman)
  • Does privacy hold secret Windows Into The Soul? (Gary Marx)
  • How much of our privacy is what stays in Vegas? (Adam Tanner)
  • What does digital democracy require for The People’s Platform? (Astra Taylor)
  • How has Googlearchy morphed our social priorities? (Matthew Hindman)
  • How will we live on with the victor of Data and Goliath ? (Bruce Schneier)
  • Can democracy survive algorithmic regulation? (Evgeny Morosov)
  • How are we connected in a Black Box Society? (Frank Pasqual)
  • Are algorithms Weapons of Math Destruction? (Cathy O’Neil)
  • How have Attention Merchants changed our behavior? (Tim Wu)


  • who reads our email at The Silicon Jungle? (Shumeet Baluga)
  • Are the comforts of transparency and sharing worth completing The Circle? (Dave Eggars)
  • What crimes follow from The Ripper game? (Isabel Allende)
  • Did computer science reduce humanity to packets of data formerly known as people? (Susan Gerhart)

Thank you, journalists, novelists, analysts, and other comrades in the Social Media Resistance Movement.

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