Notes Section 4: Nuclear Shadows

Section Notes 4: Nuclear Shadows

Summary: Sally invited Casey to join her on a visit to Los Alamos where she needed to work on family ties. Casey would drive and guide as they added historical and scientific memories to their respective pasts. Sally’s niece, Marilyn, needs career return advice and her son, Bob, deserves recognition for his high school science exploits.

At a Lab museum tour, their paths cross with a Millennial entrepreneur, Matt, which leads to a multi-generational conversational dinner that bonded them into a team with a WWW mission. The National Laboratory brings shadowy awareness of technology’s world-changing events and after-effects. They all feel the forces of computing expand beyond apps and social media and the cloudy Dawn of Web Time.

Casey has found her flock to guide throughout the summer.

Keywords: scientific computing; wildfire simulation; multi-sensory data; teen maze; software testing; nanosecond; VLSI; Venn diagram; missile defense.

History: Manhattan project; Admiral Grace Hopper;Lynn Conway; William Kahan, numerical computing auto-pilots, Air France; software testing theory; Sputnik; ;Strategic Defense Initiative (Reagan Star Wars”).

2 thoughts on “Notes Section 4: Nuclear Shadows

  1. Dinner discussion topics like these illustrate different experiencesof computing professionals from before the “Dawn of Web Time”. Students after the Dawn rarely hear about the interesting characters and motivating topidw of the 1980s. Podcasts that include related stories and people include: Software Engineering Daily; Internet History; ‘Function’ by Anil Dash; ‘Recode Decode’ with Cara Swisher and ‘Ada Lovelace Day’.

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