Notes Section 3: Another Chance

Section Notes 3: Another Chance

Summary: Casey has explored many facets of Whisperers as communication interfaces for CumuLinker. She’s played with the ‘Life Patch’ that extends Whisperer electronics into art and self-expression. At a local environmentally-focused meetup, CumuLinker and Whisperers will steer the conversation toward relevant topics without inhibiting normal chitchat. And, she’s opted to add a BodyReader to expand her social contacts at this event.

Casey’s curiosity about CumuLinker/Whisperer technology has bridged her professional interests with her need for replenished retirement funds. She senses a non conventional computational world within Whisperers. This meetup offers an experiment for her hunches about a local murder case.

Casey reconnects with a Canadian snowbird she knew from a mid-life period at a glamorous East Coast educational graduate institution which she attended and where Gavin held research affiliation.

Whisperers rekindle emotions not fully extinguished by unfortunate turmoil of that period. Their sense of fading time re-generates romance with adjustments to their separate life styles.

Keywords: software engineering; climate change; quantified self; aging; memoirs.

History: Massachusetts miracle; Wang Institute of Graduate Studies; Master of Software Engineering; DEC, Apollo, minicomputers; Doctor An Wang; Tracy Kidder, “Soul of a New Machine”.

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