Notes Section 2:Threats Get Real

Section Notes 2 Threats Get Real

Casey Hawke is a semi-professional threat caster based around her software quality career and worry for the computing field. Her imaginative powers create “innovation for evil” scenarios that dramatize effects of flaws within complex technical, economic, and human systems.

Then threats get real! A bad day in DellVille exercises her skills and demonstrates her expertise. Synthetic speech products have emerged from the assistive technology market to become a weapon for violence that erupts from social rifts propagated by the Great Trickster. Worse, communities dependent upon complex communication networks are unprepared for attackers as well as system failures.

DellVille becomes a testbed for possible terrorism responses. The threat-aware, Cassandra Hawke advises town protectors and survives a day of events which lead her deeper into her resurrection of Consequential Reasoning using the operating system of her Whisperer.

Keywords: threat cast; vocal terrorism; synthetic speech; text-to-speech; assistive technology; logic programming;speak-ao; Code Red

History: British terrorism prediction; first synthetic speaker; fake face AI; Northern Ariona network outage;

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