Notes Section 1: Living Data

Notes for Section 1: “Living Data”

Synopsis: Long, warm evenings have arrived in DellVille AZ bringing hope for rational recovery from years of social upheaval. Casey Hawke begins an adventurous summer with a tech-filled 50th (OMG) college reunion which goes awry. A professional gig in Washington DC reunites her with former colleague Sally Rhodes to discuss technical interests, professional misgivings, and Sally’s saga with vision loss. A strange mangling of web pages captures Casey’s career-long Internet interest then invokes Sally’s assistive technology expertise. Casey returns home to DellVille overwhelmed with lessons and questions from this momentous trip.

New rules govern privacy, conversation and technology in 2021. Industries re-organized after the social media revolution of 2020, amid the confusing regime of The Great Trickster. Casey’s experiences show how a new device, the Whisperer, works in conjunction with the trusted overlord CumuLinker which controls living data in the Universal Social Graph. CumuLinker now branches into face-to-face interactions to heal conversational norms.

Enchanted with the potential of Whisperers, software engineering researcher Casey envisions applications that revive — technologies *ParaLog and *Consequential Reasoning — abandoned after the Dawn of the Web. Recognizing the twin evils of bias and greed, ethics is weaving
into professional computing practice through “threat casting” and the history-based reflections of Casey and Sally.

Keywords: computational thinking, logic programming, algorithmic cruelty, threat casting,

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