Notes Section 7: Wicked Reasoning

Section Notes 7 “Wicked Reasoning”

Gavin visits Casey in DellVille on his way to an international environmental meeting, hoping she will eventually join him in his activism. Casey adapts Gavin’s Whisperer to manage information during meetings where diverse conversations overcome his reduced hearing.

Marilyn is now de facto Team 3G leader after her success with the Punk Page Podcast. Continuing their efforts to restore pre-WWW ideas, Casey and Gavin match the principles of “wicked design problems” with privacy and surveillance capitalism.

A few weeks later, Sally visits DellVille to celebrate the opening of a Vision Loss center. Casey carries forward the messages of her friend.

Keywords: wicked problem; information mapping; design rationale; issue-based; groupware; privacy; surveillance capitalism; animal communities; environmental noise; walkable cities.

History: issue-driven design; Horst Rittel; MCC Software program; Group Systems; the age of surveillance capitalism; “Watership Down”, Douglas Adams.

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