Notes Section 5: Complex Consequences

Section Notes 5: Complex Consequences

This section probes into life situations stemming from inevitable mistakes and lingering resentments, sometimes exacerbated by technology. Casey and Sally discuss personal regrets while taking a scenic break on their return drive to Albuquerque.

We learn why Casey has a “chip on her shoulder” and how it affected her life. Her friend Sally finds a poetic outlet that soothe Casey’s emotional state.

Then, Sally lets loose anger at aspects of her disability, explained by a medical/social/charity model. She has turned her adaptations into a professional practice, as @AccessSally, where she can admonish accessibility laggards.

Coincidentally, a geocatcher trio parked nearby applies the computational thinking paradigm favored by Sally and Casey. Logic puzzles are entertaining applications for ParaLog as well as reasoning techniques required for law school entry. Society’s version of computational thinking becomes visible, and viable.

Casey drives, rathern flying, home. She finds herself with the consequence of overzealous investigation into ParaLog as the language of Whisperers under the auspices of CumuLinker. This penalty will limit her life choices with Gavin.

A few weeks later, Marilyn’s career situation takes the three women through a variety of consequences from their life styles. This “social media makeover” helps Marilyn accept responsibility for understanding and explaining actions that might backfire during her job search and quest for professional reputation. A litany of social media quandaries shocks the women’s council.

Keywords:a chip on her shoulder, the idiom; all but dissertation; imposter syndrome; social/medical disability models; charities; airline restrictions; social media; facial recognition; reputation industry;

History: “A Chip on one’s Shoulder”, Edgar Guest; A.D.A; Terrorism Information Awareness; “dragnet nation”;surveillance capitalism; reputation industry;

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